I feel very lonely in my opinion of this collection. Everyones is excited and in awe of this collection, and I just don't get it.Although there are elements that I'm very fond of, like the color choice, and the materials, in general I don't like it. The parts of the collection that I liked the most, are the jersey tops and dresses, something that he has proven many times that he does very well. I was disappointed in it, I was expecting more.

OK. This book addiction of mine is getting to be a real problem, I have no money and yet I can't seem to stop buying books. Latest acquisition "Här kommer jag." by Jesper Waldersten. It really inspired me to draw again, it's been a while, but now I'm good to go!

And this october the book "Maison Martin Margiela" by Martin Margiela and Jean-Paul Gaultier is released, and I can't wait!!


I'm thinking of starting an Etsy-shop. But I'm not sure, could use some advice.
But now. Applications.


Jag älskar den här filmen. Och klädstilen i filmen är fantastisk.
I love this movie. Amazing styling in it as well.


Photos by Malin Timfjord


Chicken Feet

I've been obsessing over this necklace for years. Soon it will be mine.


bring the ruckus

Raf Simons shoe. Bring the ruckus has made me a bit obsessed with Raf Simons.

men's style

Ann Demeulemeester fall 09
This weekend I will, hopefully, be able to publish the photos that were taken of my graduation work. I know there are a few people who have been waiting to see these pictures, and I promise you that they are on their way!


One of my favourite pre-fall collections this year. It's simply amazing.


I am currently working on my applications for a few design schools, and I'm doing a small collection based on this piece from Virginia Woolf's Orlando.

Part of my graduation work at Malmö Tillskärarakademi.
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