Ignaxio Lozano for Spiral.

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Sandra Backlund Control-C
I know these pictures has been seen just about everywhere, but that doesn't change the fact that it is fucking brilliant.


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Couldn't fall asleep last night, stayed up until about seven reading American Psycho. Great book, but seriously fucked up, and I feel a bit sick to my stomach at times reading it.

Tonight a bunch of friends are coming over to make hamburgers and drink a bit of wine in my garden. Feels like a good plan, being alone sucks. And tomorrow I'm leaving for Gothenburg to attend a friends graduation and hopefully meet some other friends up there. Not sure how long I'm staying though. Have to be back by Saturday to go to Kronborg and hang out.


I just gave away 80% of my clothes and it feels so damn good.

img via luxirare. one of the best.

I'm thinking that it might be about time to snap out of my self destruct mode, and maybe get a grip on my life. Wednesday equals money so it seems like a good idea to buy a shitload of fabric, some wood and some fun things you can use to paint on fabric with. And a few chains.


Vogue Italia May 2007 by Steven Meisel.
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Daul Kim


Minesweeper & Keffat Liv.


So... no boyfriend, no home, no job, no school. Fuck.



punkt punkt punkt


Ann D fringed vest
Pure brilliance.

Ann-Sofie Back spring/summer 09.
Ann-Sofie Back + Cheap Monday = Perfection


Working on a pattern for Casper, the first one didn't turn out quite how I wanted. In a desperate need of money I've also said yes to hemming a dress for a co-worker. And also I dropped a table on my toe so now it's swollen and red!


I'm off to Gothenburg again to see these two lovelies. Johannes is playing, and you should all go.