This is England '86.



The beat that my heart skipped.


Hello Calvin. Did I mention that I love you?
I absolutely loved the ss2011 rtw collection but I had to look through the pictures a few times before I could fully concentrate on the clothes. Some of the models were scarily thin to a point were it just isn't OK, and it's sad to see.

Calvin Klein spring 00, 04, 05, 11 and fall 04 via Style.com


Went to a workshop with Tom Hedqvist from the swedish design collective 10-gruppen a couple of weeks ago.

This is an editorial I found in an old issue of the no longer existing magazine Odd at large. It features the designs of six fashion students at the Antwerpen Royal Academy of fine arts.

Among the designers featured is Andrea Alaya, whose clothes and sketches I fell head over heals for. The pictures below are from her 2006 and 2007 collections. And I strongly urge you to visit her website at www.andreaalaya.com to watch this videobook and to see more of her design.


Så skolungdomar i Helsingborgstrakten! Under hösten kör vi tre workshops på RumEtt om textil.


British jewellery designer Tithi Kutchamuch.
Pictures via inredningsbloggen.


Natalie Rae's beautiful (and a bit funny) use of embroidery. Pictures via showtimearts