oh herro

Grace Jones


Lemonwater, melon, banana, dark chocolate and a book in a park to drown my sorrows.

Lykke Li via Fashionsquad

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Be there.
I've heard rumors about excercise being good for you, so I thought I'd try it.


Just wanted to tell you about a favorite of mine. CATHERINE PRI. Ohlordilord how I love everything she writes about/shows.
Looking for a job. Give me a job? Please.
Windowfixers. SCORE!


Love love love these shoes. I need them.


Maria in my latest stuff.


I love Gothenburg. Just went up to visit my brother and a few friends for a couple of days, bought a pair of shoes, two necklaces (one that's really really pretty and one that's just SO strange), a ring, a pair of sunglasses and two books. In a couple of hours I'm going to see Malin and eat lasagne and have a glass of wine or two.
But my brother's cats are mean and won't let me put them in my lap and pet them. Assholes.
I hope we find an apartment here soon. And my sister and her husband is moving here soon from Australia. And she's pregnant. Big surprise!!


To do

- Sew pants
- Laundry
- Pack
- Gothenburg
- Buy black tape
- Take pictures on Friday/Saturday
- Print a buttload of photos
- Write an explanation
- Find fabric samples
- Photoshoot with Maria
- Look for pictures at my parents' house
- Take pictures of old stuff
- Buy big papers and glue
- Print, cut, paste and send by Wednesday
- Finish Casper's sweater
- And find a job/internship/something to do
Jag hatar min bostadsrättsförening. Dumma i huvudet hela högen.

Edit: Nu blev dom bra igen.


Collection based on the Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer. For Borås. And excuse the crappy pictures, I just couldn't be bothered with quality today.


Picture of Maria.

A few days ago, the first day of real spring hit Helsingborg. Park + friends + beer + crappy music. Quite a nice day actually.
And today is gonna be even better. I'm off to Kronborg in an hour, and I can't wait!