I've had a nice weekend/midsommar, and today I actually managed to do something with myself. Just one fitting with Casper and then he will have his long awaited cardigan.

And Billy Bragg has been on my mind all day long. Love it.


Lykke Li from Donnie Scantz on Vimeo.

Lykke Li Hustlin'


"Men om man någon gång önskat att William S. Burroughs reinkarnerades som svensk rappare är det lätt att fastna framför stereon."
Världens hårdaste beskrivning.

photo/necklace by fatima.



Gille K.

i min lilla hjärna är det hysteri
hiphop and tom waits is all i need.


Paulina and Sanna at the big w4-party the other week. Paulina is looking good as ever in my dress, just like Sanna in my tee. And Paoi's gonna win the stiletto race in sthlm just you wait and see!

I'm off to the beach now, which might be the best idea ever.


Long week.
Sseeing Anna overwhelmed by happiness at graduation
Realising that people from Örebro can't drink
Dancing my ass off to crappy music in purple heels