Went to town today to get pictures and drawings copied and printed, and all that's left is to paste them to some boards and send them in. It was horrible though, running around town sick and horrible trying to get stuff done. But it feels good now, just feel that I want to get this application-crap over and done with.

And I picked up my books from adlibris. Oh lord, how I love my books. But I think it's time to stop now, I have no room left, and plenty of books I haven't gotten a chance to read yet. Right now I'm in the middle of the Illusionist by John Fowles, and I really like it. It's a hard book to put down, you find yourself wanting to read just one more chapter. I strongly recommend it.

And on a different note, you have to watch this video on SHOWstudio of Gareth Pughs fw2009 collection. It is nothing less than amazing.

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